The extraordinary flourishing of summer residences that the great families of Venice built around the 16th and 19th c., in perfect harmony with nature, in the countryside near the Serenissima (Venice), deserves a particular notice in the case of the province of Vicenza.

Basilica Palladiana – Vicenza – World Heritage Site

The Basilica Palladiana is a Renaissance building in the central Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza.
The most notable feature of the edifice is the loggia, which shows one of the first examples of the what came to be known as the Palladian window, designed by a young Andrea Palladio, whose work in architecture was to have a significant effect on the field during the Renaissance and later periods.
Since 1994 the Basilica has been protected as part of the World Heritage Site also including the other Palladian buildings of Vicenza. The building now often hosts exhibitions in its large hall used for civic events.
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Teatro Olimpico

Constructed in 1580-1585, the theatre was the final design by Palladio and was not completed until after his death. Its peculiarity is the trompe-l’oeil onstage scenery, designed by Vincenza Scamozzi, to give the appearance of long streets receding to a distant horizon, was installed in 1585 for the very first performance held in the theatre, and is the oldest surviving stage set in existence.

Villa Capra called “La Rotonda” – Vicenza

It is the most famous of the “Ville Venete”: it was designed by Palladio in 1550 and completed by his pupil and heir Vincenzo Scamozzi in the late 16th c. It is a perfect development of the theme of the central plan construction, in absolute harmony with its surroundings.

“La Rocca Pisana” – Lonigo (Vicenza)

3 km far from “Holiday house” 3 Lasagne.

This villa is open by appointment only. Started in 1576 by Scamozzi, it stands alone on a hill like the Rotonda Palladiana, which, however, it does not imitate, since it solves in its own, quite original way the problem of interior spaces, by playing with lights and shadows. From the large windows, one can catch breathtaking glimpses of the landscape. Photo on the cover.

Villa Pisani (Bagnolo di Lonigo)

Villa Pisani ( 1 km far from “Holiday house” 3 Lasagne).

The Villa Pisani is a patrician villa designed by Andrea Palladio, located in Bagnolo of Lonigo.
The Pisani were a rich family of Venetian nobles who owned several Villas Pisani, two of them designed by Andrea Palladio. The villa at Bagnolo was built in the 1540s and represents Palladio’s first villa designed for a patrician family of Venice

villa pisani